It is compulsory for all children at Sacred Heart School to wear a uniform.  Our uniform can be purchased online from The Clothesline at http://www.youruniform.co.uk/ or you can visit their store at 368 Grand Drive, West Wimbledon, SW20 9NQ.  Sacred Heart bookbags (KS1) is also available to purchase from the school office.

Please ensure that

  • All items in your child’s uniform are clearly labelled with their name and checked regularly as labels can sometimes fade or fall off.
  • Children with long hair should use suitable hair accessories (plain and not elaborate headbands) to tie their hair back whilst at school and during PE.  
  • No jewellery is worn except for stud earrings but these must be removed at home on PE and swimming days.  
  • Winter uniform is to be worn from after the October half term until Easter.  Summer uniform is therefore worn after the Easter break until October.  
  • Children should wear suitable outerwear during cold/wet seasons.
  • It is recommended that all children bring a labelled water bottle to school each day.  Fresh drinking water will also be available in their class during the day.


Winter and Summer Uniform 
Red Polo shirt

Navy jogging bottoms

Sacred Heart Jumper with Gold/Red stripes

Navy/white socks

Black trainers/plimsolls

Sacred Heart book bag (available from school office)

Sacred Heart PE Bag with logo with a full set of spare clothes

Sacred Heart Summer Hat (Spring and Summer Terms and all school outings)

Reception, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

 Winter Boys

Winter Girls 

White shirt

Grey trousers

Sacred Heart School Tie

Sacred Heart Jumper with Gold/Red stripes

Plain grey or dark socks

Suitable black footwear

Sacred Heart Summer Hat (for school trips only)

White blouse

Navy skirt/pinafore

Sacred Heart School tie

Sacred Heart Cardigan with Gold/Red stripes

Plain navy socks/tights

Suitable black footwear

Sacred Heart Summer Hat (for school trips only)

Summer Boys

Summer Girls

Red polo T-shirt

Sacred Heart Jumper with Gold/Red stripes

Grey trousers/shorts

Plain grey or dark socks

Suitable black footwear

Sacred Heart Summer Hat

Red and white striped dress

Sacred Heart Cardigan with Gold/Red stripes

White or navy socks/tights

Suitable black footwear

Sacred Heart Summer Hat


All pupils are expected to have a full PE kit in school from Monday to Friday each week.  We have outdoor PE lessons all year round so please ensure your child has the correct PE kit, especially in the winter months.  PE kits can be purchased from The Clothesline.
PE kit must contain:
  • A yellow school PE polo shirt
  • Plain Navy school PE shorts
  • Plain Navy jogging bottoms (no tights to be worn for PE)
  • Plain Navy sweatshirt (no zips) or Navy school logo PE sweatshirt (no school jumpers or cardigans to be worn for PE)
  • A change of socks
  • Trainers (Plimsolls are only acceptable up to Year 2)
  • In cold weather, a plain navy base-layer or "skin" may be worn underneath a school PE polo shirt

All PE kit must be labelled with the pupils name (including trainers).  It is important that children have trainers for PE especially in Key Stage 2 and avoid wearing plimsolls.  Plimsolls do not give adequate protection, support or grip when children are playing sport, wearing them may result in children being more likely to slip or injure their foot and ankle.

All hair must be tied back and jewellery removed for PE lessons and extra-curricular sports clubs.  We advise that pupils do not wear earrings to school especially on their PE days.  Any pupil with earrings will be asked to remove them.  This is to reduce the risk of injury to themselves and others.

If your child is unable to participate in PE due to injury or doctor's advice, please ensure they bring a note into school.  They will still be required to change into their PE kit for the lesson (unless they are physically unable) to ensure their school uniform remains clean and dry and they are comfortable for the rest of their day at school.  They will be given a coaching, umpiring or skill observation role so they continue to learn and take part in the lesson.


Other (Bags/Backpacks/Stationery)


Nursery & Key Stage 1

Children are required to use the Sacred Heart book bags for their school work.  This bag can be purchased from the school office.  Stationery will be provided by the school during the day and children are not permitted to bring their own stationery into the school.

Key Stage 2

Children can use small back packs for their school work.

Stationery will be provided by the school during the day however children can bring their own stationery too but this is not a requirement.  Please ensure that they do not bring scissors or sharp items in their pencil cases.

Lost property

It would be greatly appreciated if parents could talk to their children about keeping their personal possessions safe whilst at school.

Clothing that is labelled will be returned to your child's class.

All lost property that is not labelled will be placed in the lost property box located under the sheltered area to the side of the nursery.  This box will be cleared at the end of each half term.