Our Governing Body

Who are the Governors, what do they do and where can they be found?

The Governing Body is made up the of the headteacher and four different types of governors; parent governors (who are parents at the school, elected by the parents), a staff governor (elected by the staff),  a Local Authority Governor (appointed by the Local Authority) and Foundation governors (appointed by the Archdiocese). There are 12 governors in total. The Governing Body provides strategic leadership whilst supporting and challenging the work of the school. The head teacher is responsible for the day-to-day leadership of the school and the Governing Body’s role is to provide support to the head teacher and other staff by acting as a “critical friend”.  The Governing Body is not responsible for the day-to-day management of the school.  The visibility of the various Governors will differ depending on their role.  As an example, one or more parent governors can often be found in the school on a daily basis with either their parent and/or governor hats on and LA and foundation governors can often be seen at school events. Governors meet at school once a term for full board meetings and also come into the school for committee meetings and monitoring visits. Governors sign up to a governors code of conduct.

There are five main committees:

  • Finance
  • Achievement and Standards  
  • Safeguarding and Ethos – including admissions 
  • Buildings, Health & Safety
  • Staffing and Pay and Performance

Pen Portraits of Governors 

List of Governors declarations of interest

Attendance at Meetings