A Catholic community, learning in Love

At Sacred Heart, we are dedicated to our motto, learning in love. To do this, we have 6 core values to support our personal, spiritual and academic progress and achievements.

Faith and Integrity

Love and Respect

Service and Aspiration

Religious Education

Religious Education enables our children to know and grow in their own faith and develop their spirituality. At Sacred Heart, the social, moral, spiritual and cultural education is embedded in our vision. 

"The school promotes pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural education very well." Ofsted, 2016

The 'Come and See' scheme is used throughout the school for the teaching and learning of Religious Education. Ten percent of the weekly timetable is dedicated to RE teaching. The aim of the programme is to explore the religious dimensions of the questions about life, dignity and purpose within the Catholic tradition. Through this scheme, the children also learn about other faiths and how we are all welcome and loved by God. 

"Sacred Heart is a school with a strong Catholic ethos. The school provides a safe and nurturing environment in which all are welcome. Pupils enjoy Religious Education and generally achieve well." Section 48 Inspection - evaluating the effectiveness of the school as a provider of Catholic education. 


Relationships Education
At Sacred Heart, we believe in providing a broad and balanced curriculum which caters to the need of all our children. We teach all aspects of the science and PSHE curriculum linked to development and relationships however, we do not yet specifically teach SRE lessons outside of this.
We believe that SRE is essential for developing the whole child and are therefore in the process of researching a suitable scheme and set of resources for Summer 2018 which will reflect the school and Church's values.